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3d product design
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Green cleaning products have become an essential product for customers worldwide. Consumers are increasingly looking for healthier, safer cleaning choices for use in their homes. Ecco Clean’s eco-friendly cleaning products are safer than, but as effective as, traditional cleaners.

Ecco Clean wanted to accomplish various goals which included: product packaging design, web site upgrade plus 3D product renderings for the factory and marketing purposes. We began by performing a competitive analysis to gauge the latest trends. We recommended Ecco Clean use a clear bottle so that the consumer could see the actual liquid.

Given that the actual product hadn’t been produced yet, we had to design renderings and digital images for use online and in print media before the finished goods arrived. Our 3D artist used the latest design tools to give the product images the proper texture, lighting, and shadowing. Our true-to-life images looked as good as the real product.
From Digital to reality
Once the design was completed a 3D rendering was produced for the factory in order to start the production process. That same rendering has been used in multiple marketing applications.
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